Notice of Non-Union Date

AFM Members: Please be aware that the Shahkar Bineshpajooh concert with symphony orchestra Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Dolby Theatre is a non-union date.

AFM Local 47 is working toward organizing this performance. If a union contract is not secured we are prepared to conduct an informational picket on the evening of the show.

If you are contacted to perform this concert, please alert AFM Local 47 Business Representative Michael Ankney: 323.993.3174,

Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians to be Archived Announces Plan to Archive Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians With ‘Make Musician Credits Timeless’ Fundraiser announces their “Make Musician Credits Timeless” fundraising campaign, seeking support for three archiving projects that will integrate over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians into the platform.

“Music is timeless in the digital age. Therefore, the acknowledgement of the people who created and performed music should be timeless as well,” says Christy Crowl, Founder and CEO of “We believe that by archiving musician credits and their digital artifacts in the platform, we are preserving a valuable piece of our culture in history, and empowering a more personal connection between the music we hear every day and the musicians that create it.” Continue reading

A message from the AFM Local 47 Executive Board

A Message from AFM Local 47
To all members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 47:

Our contracts are the heart of our union. Whatever we achieve through collective action and collective bargaining is secured because management signs agreements. Our contracts allow us to make sure employers do what they are obligated to do. They raise the expectations of all musicians for pay, benefits, and professional treatment.

Recently, those contracts have been put at serious risk. Members of Local 47 are being asked to record music for major, well-funded projects without union contracts. If union contracts are made irrelevant by work done in the shadows, the floor for pay will drop for both union and non-union musicians. These employment practices are especially divisive and pernicious because they exert enormous pressure on individual union members.

We all know what it is like to wonder where your next call is going to come from or how you are going to pay your bills. No single musician can stop the forces that undermine our profession, but as a union we have always been able to push back.

We believe that it is now necessary to take action together. We call upon the Federation and other AFM Locals to unite with our membership in defense of our union and our contracts. In the coming months we will be launching a campaign to uphold our contracts, to recapture work being done in the shadows and to ensure that musicians can earn a livable wage working in Los Angeles.

Our goals are:
1. To ensure fair pay, benefits, and professional treatment for musicians.
2. To protect our union’s ability to bargain, administer and uphold our contracts.
3. To bring more work under union agreements.

We, the Executive Board of AFM Local 47, are committed to building a stronger, more successful future together.

– AFM Local 47 Executive Board

Introducing the AFM Local 47 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Kickoff event to recognize esteemed members of the Los Angeles musicians union   

(download pdf)

LOS ANGELES, CA (APRIL 10, 2017) — The American Federation of Musicians Local 47 is pleased to introduce the first AFM Local 47 Lifetime Achievement Awards honoring esteemed members of the Los Angeles musicians union.

Celebrated musicians Gene Cipriano (woodwinds), Vincent DeRosa (horn), Louise DiTullio (flute), Carol Kaye (electric bass), and Dick Nash (trombone) will be recognized on the evening of April 24 for their outstanding achievements and support of the artistic community of Los Angeles. Continue reading

Final Note: Lyle Ritz

Life Member. Ukulele
1/10/1930 – 3/3/2017

Lyle Ritz, 87, Los Angeles studio bassist and ukulele legend, a resident of Portland, died peacefully, March 3, 2017. He was best known as an acoustic bass player for the legendary Los Angeles studio group, the Wrecking Crew. He was also known for his groundbreaking recordings and passion for a much smaller instrument, the ukulele.

Lyle is survived by his wife of 40 years, Geri Ritz; his daughter, Emily Ritz Miyasato; and adoptive son, Thomas Ritz. Thomas Ritz has two daughters, Lauren and Jenna Ritz. Lyle was predeceased by his beloved son-in-law, Jared Miyasato.

April 2017 Overture Online: Local 47 Turns 120!

Overture Online
April 2017

Local 47 at 120 Years:
Over a Century of Music and Service

Announcing the Local 47 Lifetime Achievement Awards 
Join us in the kickoff celebration of a new tradition honoring esteemed members of AFM Local 47

Local 47 Spring Membership Drive
Spread the word! Now is the perfect time to join the musicians union

Over 300,000 Music Credits of LA Musicians to be Digitally Archived launches Make Musician Credits Timeless fundraiser

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Spring Membership Drive 2017

Between April 1 and June 30, new members can join without paying any initiation fees. Currently new members pay a $75 initiation fee to Local 47 and $65 to the AFM. That’s a $140 discount!

Spread the Word! If you know musicians who are working non-union or if you have friends who are sitting on the fence and want to join, tell them about the value of union membership. 

Call 323.993.3116 or join online @