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Final Note: Katia Popov

Member. Violin
3/3/1965 – 5/19/2018

by Pam Gates

We lost one of our most magnificent colleagues on Friday, May 18. Katia was not only a brilliant violinist but also a wife and mother, and a friend to so many.

It was hard not to be starstruck by Katia. Her radiant presence was in evidence throughout her tenure as concertmaster of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and California Philharmonic. In addition to her accomplishments as a virtuoso violinist, she had an extensive background as a studio and symphonic musician. Her grace, dignity and beauty made her always look as though she had just walked off the cover of Vogue Magazine and onto the concert stage! Continue reading

Final Note: Todd Lybrand Hemmenway

Member. Cello
9/18/1949 – 11/27/2016

by Susan Cuscuna

Todd Lybrand Hemmenway, cellist, passed away after a brief battle with cancer, on November 27, 2016, in Black Mountain, North Carolina. He was raised in Northern Virginia and Cape Cod, studied the cello with Orlando Cole at the New School of Music in Philadelphia, and enjoyed his thirty year career in Los Angeles as a member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, the Joffrey Ballet, and as a studio musician recording the scores of many films particularly with John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and Randy Newman.  He leaves behind his beloved son, Sam; wife, Susan; brother Scott and sisters Clare and Dana.


In Memoriam: May 2018

Allen D. Allen
Life Member. Composer
8/26/1936 – 3/23/2017
Survived by spouse & child

Bobb Bruce (Robert Berg)
Life Member. Violin
12/1/1925 – 2/28/2018
Survived by children

Leon Ndugu Chancler
Life Member. Drum Set
7/1/1951 – 2/3/2018
Survived by child

Robert A. Gotthoffer
Life Member. Trumpet
7/3/1922 – 1/17/2018
Survived by spouse & child

A. Clyde Hoggan
Life Member. Bass
4/4/1931 – 2/6/2018
Survived by child

Gelinda S. Quintile
Life Member. Harp
8/18/1951 – 2/6/2018
survived by parent & children

Erika Zador (Gould)
Life Member. Piano
8/10/1922 – 12/22/2017
Survived by spouse & child

Final Note: Bobby Bruce

Life Member. Violin
(1925 – 2018)

Bobby Bruce (Robert Morris Berg) was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father owned a fruit market and his mother Rosie was a comedian and entertainer, performing at several theaters in the Chicago area. Bobby began violin lessons at age 6, and by the age of 9 he would do acrobatics, tap dance, sing and play violin on stage in a Vaudeville act called the Personality Kids on the Keith Orpheum circuit with his mother and older sister Eileen. Continue reading

In Memoriam: April 2018

James O. Stewart
Life Member. Guitar
9/8/1935 – 1/8/2018
Survived by spouse

Shirley A. Fordis
Life Member. Oboe
4/22/1938 – 12/27/2017
Survived by children

Nunzio ‘Norman’ Panto
Life Member. Accordion
3/25/1929 – 2/24/2018
Survived by son

Joseph John Ragonese (aka Joey Rodney)
Life Member. Guitar
3/1/1922 – 3/10/2018
Survived by spouse & children

Elmer H. Ramsey
Life Member. Trumpet
6/3/1930 – 3/2/2018
Survived by spouse & children

Donald B. Thompson
Life Member. Saxophone
10/15/1925 – 3/7/2018
Survived by spouse & children

Andrew M. Weiner
Member. Arranger
8/16/1960 – 3/2/2018
Survived by sister

Final Note: Nunzio ‘Norman’ Panto

Life Member. Accordion
(1929 – 2018)

Nunzio “Norman” Panto, passed peacefully in Thousand Oaks, CA on Feb. 24, 2018 at the age of 88.

Norman is survived by his son Frank and daughter-in-law Julie. He is also survived by his loving sisters-in-law, Sarina Roccisano and Anna Valeri. He will also be missed by his beloved nieces and nephews, their children and the rest of the family and all the friends he has made over the years. Continue reading

Final Note: Albert ‘Whitey’ Clyde Hoggan Jr.

Life Member. Bass
(1931 – 2018)

Albert “Whitey” Clyde Hoggan Jr. passed away Feb. 6, 2018 at his home in Livingston, Montana. Born in Ogden, Utah April 4, 1931, to Albert Clyde Hoggan, Sr. and Fae (Gorder) Hoggan, he grew up between Ogden; Preston, Idaho; and Grouse Creek, Utah.

Clyde attended Ogden High School and Weber State University. In 1950 he enlisted in the Air Force, joined the 523rd Air Force Band, March Air Force Base, and was stationed in Guam during the Korean War. He received a National Defense Service Medal and an Honorable Discharge. Upon returning stateside, he married Joanne Elaine Fetscher. In 1954 they moved to Los Angeles on their honeymoon so he could pursue a profession in the music industry. Continue reading

In Memoriam: March 2018

Walter C. Becker
Life Member. Bass
2/20/1950 – 9/3/2017
Survived by spouse & children

William Calkins
Life Member. Saxophone
9/28/1921 – 1/13/2018
Survived by spouse & son

Bill Hughes
Life Member. Copyist
10/31/1932 – 2/1/2018
Survived by family

Alvin M. Mills
Life Member. Violin
2/2/1922 – 9/19/2017
Survived by family

Dave Oyler
Life Member. Copyist
11/26/1945 – 1/2/2018
Survived by sister

W.Z. Taubenson
Life Member. Trumpet
2/16/1924 – 12/30/2017
Survived by friends

Miles F. Zentner
Life Member. Flute
10/26/1939 – 3/16/2017
Survived by spouse & children