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AFM Local 47 statement on Janus decision

Today’s disappointing Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME ruled in favor of a corporate interest power-grab over working Americans and their unions.

Wealthy special interest groups spent millions of dollars on this case with the express intent to diminish working people’s numbers in union representation. Breaking a precedent set over 40 years ago, public-sector workers who are not union members but are protected by a union contract are now told they do not have to pay their fair share. The goal was clear: to undercut unions’ abilities to effectively advocate and negotiate on behalf of their members, weaken their position at the bargaining table, and undermine all of organized labor — all at the expense of working people. Continue reading

Final Note: Donald Knapp

Life Member. Drum Set
12/26/1919 – 6/11/2018

Donald Roy Knapp was born December 26, 1919, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He passed away peacefully in Chicago on June 11, 2018 after recovering from two recent hip fractures. He was the son of Roy Cecil Knapp and Nellie Johnson (Knapp) Shillito. He was married to Lorie Downs (deceased in 1975); and to Kimberly Granger (divorced). Continue reading

Sound Recording Special Payments Fund: Annual Distribution Reminders

The Sound Recording Special Payments Fund is preparing for its annual distribution, which occurs on or about August 1, 2018. We would like to share the following information with participants:

  • Address or beneficiary changes – Deadline for changes is July 15, 2018.
  • Direct Deposit Applications – Deadline for application to be received at the Fund is June 30, 2018. Direct Deposit ensures that the Fund distribution reach musicians safely and efficiently, wherever they reside.

We encourage all participants to become registered users at the Fund’s website. Utilizing the website significantly helps to reduce the Fund’s administrative costs, which ultimately benefits all of us! At the website you can arrange for direct deposit, update contact and beneficiary information, view your prior wage and tax statements and get the latest news regarding the Fund.

Toll-Free Number: (866) 711-FUND
Fax: (212) 310-9481

Final Note: Katia Popov

Member. Violin
3/3/1965 – 5/18/2018

Katia Popov passed away on May 18, 2018 from a three-year battle with Ovarian Cancer and left an empty void where she carved her mark. Her determination to beat the disease mirrored her determination to become the best violinist in the world. Although she is no longer physically with us, her music has created a ripple effect that will never leave the musical community or her biggest fans, friends and family. Katia’s devotion to the violin and her love for music was apparent and contagious. She did not shy away from the stage and performing was her natural calling. Learning how to read notes before she could read the alphabet, music was in Katia’s heart and soul. She did not just play music, she played music through her entire being to deliver an experience so ethereal, audiences would be instantly captivated. Not only did her talent leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to watch her perform, but also her personality lit up a room and made people feel warm and welcome in her presence. Continue reading

Final Note: Leon Ndugu Chancler

Life Member. Drum Set
7/1/1952 – 2/3/2018

by Washington Rucker, Life Member, AFM Local 47

We have lost a giant in the music world, and more directly, a great musician.

My best friend, Ndugu Chancler, was one of only a hand full of drummers who could be recognized by a single name: Ndugu. His moniker was well deserved and well earned. He stood tall among the genre of drummers who spring up… and he stood atop most of them. Continue reading

‘Make It in the USA’ Video Contest Winners Announced

A powerful hip hop anthem about the pride a man takes in a long day’s work. A haunting ode to the hands that built American industry. A fast-paced celebration of American-made products. And a passionate plea for companies to invest in the USA. These are the four winners of the United Auto Workers’ “Make it in the USA” contest, which called on entrants to create videos focused on the value of manufacturing and buying products domestically.

To see the winning videos and learn more about the contest, click here. Continue reading

In Memoriam: June 2018

William (Bill) David Brohn
Life Member. Conductor/Orchestrator
3/30/1933 – 3/13/2017
Survived by siblings

Beverly Carmen (Musafia)
Life Member. Piano
5/1/1929 – 4/22/2018
Survived by cousin

Robert (Bob) Dorough
Life Member. Piano
12/2/1923 – 4/23/2018
Survived by spouse

James (Jack) A. Eskew
Life Member. Drum Set
5/10/1940 – 4/15/2018
Survived by spouse

Ann V. Koons
Life Member. Violin
12/15/1945 – 3/13/2018
Survived by children

Norma A. Peterson
Life Member. Saxophone
2/7/1920 – 5/14/2018
Survived by cousin

Katia Popov
Member. Violin
3/3/1965 – 5/19/2018
Survived by spouse & child

Arthur B. Rubinstein
Member. Conductor
3/31/1938 – 4/23/2018
Survived by spouse & children