Free Referral Service Photo Shoot

Sign up for our Referral Service Photo Shoot with Barbara Porter!

Individual Shots – Wednesday, June 18

15-minute slots, 10 am – 3:45 pm
See event on Facebook

Group/Band Shots – Thursday, June 19

20-minute slots, 10 am – 3:40 pm
See event on Facebook

Local 47 is pleased to announce that we are once again offering a free photo shoot to all members of the Local’s Referral Service! Individual headshots will be take place on June 18; group/band shots will be done on June 19. Contact Marisol Rhodes to book your reservation: (323) 993-3135

Please be advised that for individual shots you must check in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot; for group/band shots you must check in 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. If you are not checked in, your time slot may be given up to a member on the waiting list. We must adhere to this policy in order to allow all members the opportunity to have their photos taken.

Not yet a Referral Service member? No problem! Sign up today — it’s free to join! Contact Michael Ankney: (323) 993-3174

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