Something big is coming

from Local 47...


How do musicians make ends meet? Among the various pressures on Local 47 members, the rise in non-union work has the greatest potential to undermine all musicians’ careers and income. This anonymous survey explores how our members make their living, what trends we can identify in the work available in Los Angeles, and how we should focus resources in order to achieve improvements together.

Local 47 is committing resources to a series of efforts designed to ensure fair pay, benefits, and professional treatment for musicians; to protect our union’s ability to bargain and uphold our contracts; and to bring more work under union agreements.


Local 47 is launching an education program to talk with musicians about things important to our careers. We want every musician to understand the trends in our industry, the ways we’re most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, and the value of union contracts and staff support.


Local 47 is open for business. We have begun a concerted effort to educate producers and composers about the variety and flexibility of options in our contracts, and we are partnering with other members and employers to develop tools that make it easier to understand and file union contracts.

Strategic Collective Action:

We are stronger together. We will identify strategic targets where collective efforts by musicians can have an effect on our overall industry.

To make these efforts successful, we need a stronger understanding of our membership and our local industry. The survey is guaranteed anonymous and takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

All members with an email address on file have been sent an email invitation to take this survey. If you did not receive an invitation, or if you would prefer a hard-copy paper survey sent by mail, please fill out the request form below. The survey is open only to current Local 47 members in good standing.