An Update on our Move to Burbank

A Message from AFM Local 47

Dear Members:

As we embark on a new chapter in our local union’s history we pay homage to our predecessors who established our union in 1897 in a small Los Angeles office on the corner of 2nd and Spring Streets, then to 2nd and Hill. In 1924 our union leaders took us to our first building in downtown L.A. (which still stands on Georgia St.), then in 1953 they moved us to Hollywood at our current location. Today in the spirit of forward progress, as our leaders had done in the past, we move to our new home in Burbank. Our union has been through many changes and many moves, but one constant has always been the incredible artistry that you display on the concert stage, recording studios, films and on TV; musicians are this union, and we are proud to be able guide this union’s transition to a new and exciting facility.

Now as we move to our new Headquarters at 3220 Winona Avenue, Burbank, our staff, executive board and my fellow officers are deep in planning and organizing the transition to our new space. We move from 817 Vine Street effective July 14th, 2017. Over the course of the following week, we reestablish ourselves at our new location in temporary office bungalows which will be housed on our new property as the finishing touches are being made to our permanent offices. We along with the AFM West Coast office will run operations through the end of August out of these temporary offices, moving into the new space in early September. Initially our plan was to make one move on July 1, but due to construction delays and our need to vacate Vine Street it was necessary to go through this two-step process.

Members will still be able to do union business in person at the new facility, business hours will remain the same, and our phones and computer systems will all be fully operational as always. The rehearsal facilities will be offline for up to 6 weeks during the construction. We ask that you be patient with the transition, knowing that our new facilities will be spectacular. We will have a new musicians lounge with the ability to offer food and refreshments, and a place for members to hang. All the new rehearsal rooms will be sound treated providing much needed isolation between rooms, with more rooms added which will be more spacious for larger ensembles. The newly merged Credit Union will also be housed on the first floor of the new facility with an ATM machine and staff. Our new offices will be sleek and modern, representing the new look for AFM Local 47.

In Unity,

John Acosta
President, AFM Local 47