Building Bridges

Students of the pilot Local 47 Career Pathways Program visit the Streisand Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures in Culver City. [photo by Tiffany Israel]

AFM Local 47 Career Pathways Pilot Program Strikes a Chord With Students

The Local 47 Career Pathways Program recently concluded its pilot session, and by all accounts was a resounding success.

With funding completely secured by the Verdugo Workforce Development Board from federal, state, and local sources, the program teamed up with the union to connect younger generation high schoolers with professionals working in the music industry.

Local 47 Vice President Rick Baptist and President John Acosta (standing, from left) at the inaugural meeting of the Career Pathways pilot program.

The program’s primary goal is to create a meaningful link for students to get real-world exposure and advice about the myriad opportunities available in this diverse industry. The eight students who participated in the pilot program were able to meet with professional Local 47 musicians working in various aspects of the industry, and attend a major motion picture recording session at Sony.

One of the students, Mari, recently graduated Glendale High and will be starting Glendale Community College in the fall. “Toward the end of the session she thanked us for the program and said that because of her experience with us, she is going to pursue working in the music industry and focusing her schooling in that direction,” said Tiffany Israel, an administrator at the Verdugo Workforce Development Board. “This statement came from one of the shyer students in the group! Everyone in the room could tell you it was a great moment to be a part of. I believe the program has had a great impact, not only on Mari, but the other students as well.”

The program has been widely praised as innovative and relevant, and the Verdugo Workforce Development Board is being asked by other workforce boards to replicate the program in their districts. We are hopeful to continue this program in 2019 and beyond.