Correction re: 2020 Semi-Annual Membership Dues Invoice

Dear Members:

The printed Membership Dues invoices mailed out earlier this month contained a misprint regarding the timeline of suspensions for non-payment and erroneously stated the date was June 30, 2020, when in fact it is September 30, 2020. Please find the full corrected notice below:

Semi-Annual Membership Dues are due July 1st and must be received by September 30 (three-month grace period) to avoid suspension. If not paid by this date, a $75 reinstatement fee will be assessed. Both dues and reinstatement fee must be paid by December 31 to avoid expulsion.

We regret the error and apologize for any confusion. 

If you have already made a payment, thank you for your continued AFM Local 47 Membership! If you have not yet renewed, you may log in to your member account online here. You may also contact our offices at 323.993.3116 or email