Emergency Relief for musicians affected by coronavirus

The AFM Local 47 Executive Board has established an Emergency Relief Fund for members who have lost revenue due to work stoppages resulting from the coronavirus COVID-19 emergency.

The Local 47 COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund will be able to extend a limited amount of grants for members who work for employers covered by a Live Performance or Electronic Media Local 47 contract or CBA. Members in need may submit an application for up to two service sets lost, in the amount of $75 per service set, for a maximum total of $150. (The two service sets may be from the same employer or from different employers.)

A “service set” is a set of performances/rehearsals for one full run of a concert or show. For example, if a musician gets contracted to play for “The Sound of Music” on at the Pantages and is scheduled for 2 rehearsals and 3 separate performances, that counts as one “service set.”

While it is the Local’s wish to help all of our members who are in immediate need as a result of job cancellations from signatory employers, we must emphasize that the funds set aside for this purpose are limited. We therefore urge only musicians who are suffering hardship at this time to apply. If a grant will help you, please contact us.

Apply for a Local 47 COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Grant

The Music Fund of Los Angeles has also set up an Emergency Relief Fund in the amount of $75 per service set for a maximum of two grants totaling $150. This fund will be able to extend a limited amount of grants for members who work for employers covered by a Live Performance Local 47 contract or CBA. 

Apply for a Music Fund of LA Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund Grant



CA Employment Development Department (EDD)

If you have experienced canceled work services or reduced hours —whether or not you are a W2 employee — or you need to stay at home with your children due to school closures relating to COVID-19, you may file a claim with the California EDD. Click here for full information to review your circumstances and how to apply for benefits.

CA Labor Commissioner

The Labor Commissioner’s Office offers these guidelines relating to your options under state law regarding use of sick leave, vacation time, unpaid leave, etc. 

American Federation of Musicians of the U.S. & Canada

The AFM’s Lester Petrillo Memorial Fund is a charitable trust that provides financial relief to members. Click here more information and to download an application. The AFM has also created a COVID-19 Resources page to assist members with the ongoing health situation. Please visit afm.org/covid-19 for links to information and resources, and continue to visit this page for updates.

The Actors Fund

A resource for everyone who works in the entertainment industry (not just actors), The Actors Fund is available to help musicians  with emergency assistance for expenses like rent, utilities, doctor and dental bills, health premiums, etc. To schedule a complimentary intake with a social worker, please call 323.933.9244, ext. 455.

Labor Community Services

Labor Community Services offers several resources for union members in need, including access to food banks. Please visit thelafed.org/labor-community-services for more information and continued updates. 

Additional Resources

Please visit our full COVID-19 Resources page at afm47.org/covid19.