FCC Just Moved Closer to Destroying Net Neutrality

Today the FCC voted to move forward with Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to dismantle net neutrality. This means that his plan, ironically called “Restoring Internet Freedom,” will now open for public comment and is one step closer to being implemented.

Join The Nation, Free Press Action Fund, and other allies in demanding that the FCC leave net neutrality alone. Then sign up for a strategy call organized by Free Press Action Fund for Tuesday, May 23, to find out how else you can fight back.

Instead of preventing monopoly Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from creating fast lanes and slow lanes online, Chairman Pai’s plan would tear down the legal framework that guarantees net neutrality and allow ISPs to police themselves.

We can win this. During the proceeding that lead to the 2015 ruling that guaranteed net neutrality, millions of people sent comments to the FCC. This year’s proceeding was just voted on today and activists fighting for the open Internet greeted it with a rally outside the FCC and the announcement that they’ve already collected over one million signatures and comments in support of net neutrality..

Join us today and do not let the FCC destroy net neutrality. And be sure to join the call to find out how else you can fight back.