Final Note: Rosita Duchesne Mallah

Rosita performing for Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward

Life Member. Latin & Brazilian Percussion/Vocals
12/9/1924 – 4/3/2019

Rosita Duchesne Mallah was born December 9,1924 in Cayey, Puerto Rico. She joined the Los Angeles musicians union, AFM Local 47, in 1961 and remained a member until her passing. She was a staunch supporter of the Musicians Union, and her late husband was Charles Mallah (guitar, bandleader), who had served on the Local 47 Executive Board for many years.

Among her main credits, Rosita was a very successful performer in NYC, where she was also a member of the musicians union Local 802. She performed at such venues as the Plaza Hotel, Vanderbuilt Hotel, Catskills, etc. She also performed at the United Nations often because she sang in many languages. 

In California she worked under contract to Universal Studio Tours and Magic Mountain. She performed for four U.S. Presidents including JFK (Macy’s Day Parade float), Nixon, Reagan, and Ford (“Western White House”). She performed numerous voyages on Princess and Rotterdam Cruises, and also many Hollywood parties.

Rosita died April 3, 2019, in Valley Village, California. She is survived by children Linda (vocalist & songwriter) and Robert (morning radio personality & musician); her son Arnie pre-deceased her.

Rosita with President Ford

2 thoughts on “Final Note: Rosita Duchesne Mallah

  1. Shirley O’Connell

    With plans to call her, was surprised her number no longer active. On checking, I was so sorry to learn of her passing away. She will be missed a lot!!

  2. Shirley O’Connell

    This is a grim reminder to not put off that call to say I love you or I miss you! I regret it and was so sorry to learn of Rosita’s death. She was a great friend and has had so many interesting life stories, never a dull moment and her entertaining was an 100% joy!


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