Free classes: Orchestration With Dr. Norman Ludwin

** UPDATE 7/17/2017: The first month of classes will be held at Shepherd University, 3200 N San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles CA 90065. The school is near Glendale and Eagle Rock. The classroom is called the Midi Room and there will be a sign pointing the way. Parking is the back area of the school. Students should download the 15-Lesson Course from Dr. Ludwin’s website at or bring $30 to class on the first day.


Courses offered paired or individually.
FREE exclusively to AFM Local 47 members
Space is limited! 

For both classes Dr. Ludwin provides access to online resources with an interactive website that includes essential class materials, scores and listening samples. Even if you have limited or no experience in orchestration, Ludwin strongly encourages you to attend to learn this important craft that can boost your career.

Orchestration I: Aug. 5 – Sept. 23, 10am-1pm

Orchestration I covers the basics: ranges, strength and weaknesses of the instruments, transpositions and how to orchestrate clearly and effectively. Participants are introduced to orchestral instruments and their usage, with a focus on film music. Two areas are covered: instrumentation dealing with the construction, sound production, range, notation, and playing techniques of each instrument and orchestration which is the actual process of scoring music for orchestra. Class sessions involve lectures, score study, instrumental demonstrations, and performance and discussion of student assignments.

Orchestration II: Sept. 30 – Nov. 18, 10am-1pm

Students will continue the study of orchestration and elements of texture and form by looking at contemporary concert music, analysis of different composers’ methods of orchestration, and extensive study of film music. Using classic scores and scores he himself has recently worked on, Ludwin will instruct on cues and selections from Michael Giacchino, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and Thomas Newman, among others. The ending course project is a recording of the students’ original compositions by the Symphony 47 orchestra.
* Please note: Our headquarters will be in the new Burbank location when these classes commence. Those who RSVP will receive updates on the location and time of the classes as soon as they are determined.