H&W: 2017 Health and Life Insurance Eligibility

H&WProfessional Musicians, Local 47 and Employers’ Health and Welfare Fund

Eligibility & Enrollment Information

 Eligibility and Enrollment information will be mailed to eligible participants in approximately mid-November. Enrollment materials will be sent to the participant’s last address on file with the Fund’s Administrative Office, so please ensure that the Fund has your most up-to-date address information.

The enrollment materials will advise the eligible participant at which Level of coverage they have qualified (A, B or C), based on employer contributions the Fund received on the participant’s behalf for employment between Oct. 3, 2015, and Oct. 2, 2016. Benefit summaries and co-premium costs for the applicable Level will also be included in the enrollment material.

Effective January 1, 2017, eligible participants that qualify at Level B will also have the option of enrolling in Blue Shield.

The qualifying Levels and available benefits are as follows:


Level Eligibility Contribution Level Medical Plan Dental/Vision Chiropractic/ Acupuncture
A $1,500 + Blue Shield PPO

Blue Shield HMO $30 Co-Pay

Kaiser $30 Co-Pay

Kaiser $20 Co-Pay/20%

B $1,200 to $1,499 Blue Shield HMO $30 Co-Pay

Kaiser $30 Co-Pay

Kaiser $20 Co-Pay/20%

C $800 to $1,199 Kaiser HSA 30% Co-Pay Plan No

Again, and in order to be covered by one of the Fund’s benefit plans, for the coverage year beginning Jan. 1, 2017, you must (A) have accumulated a minimum of $800 in employer contributions, for work performed Oct. 3, 2015 through Oct. 2, 2016, and (B) complete and return, to the Fund’s Administrative Office, the applicable enrollment form, along with the proper co-premium no later than Dec. 20, 2016.

Life Insurance Coverage For All Eligible Participants

A life insurance benefit of $20,000 is also provided by the Fund to all eligible participants. Enrollment in one of the Fund’s medical plans is not required. Information regarding the Fund’s life insurance benefit shall be included in the annual enrollment materials/package.

All eligible participants are covered under the Fund’s life insurance benefit. Even if you choose not to enroll in one of the Fund’s medical plans, you may complete the life insurance beneficiary form; return the completed form to the Fund’s administrative office:

Professional Musicians, Local 47 and Employers’ Health and Welfare
c/o PacFed Benefit Administrators
1000 N. Central Avenue, Suite 400
Glendale, CA 91202

If you do not complete an insurance beneficiary card, benefits shall be distributed per the plan document. Therefore, it is vital that you complete a Life Insurance beneficiary form so that the Fund has your correct and current beneficiary information.

Please visit the Fund’s website at pacfed-musicians.com for more information on all of the benefits provided by the Fund.

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