#listenLA spotlight: ‘BLACKFISH’

“Blackfish,” a chilling documentary about whales kept in captivity at SeaWorld, was scored by Los Angeles composer Jeff Beal with an 18-piece orchestra under the AFM Festival Film Agreement.

Blackfish - Movie Poster


Contracted by David Low, the orchestra consisted of Local 47 musicians Mark Robertson (solo violin and concertmaster), Jen Choi Fischer, Sam Fischer, Larry Greenfield, Cheryl Kim, Songa Lee, Neli Nikolaeva, Grace Oh, Briana Bandy, Luke Maurer, Aaron Oltman, Rodney Wirtz, David Low (solo cello), Alisha Bauer, Jason Lippman, David Mergen, Tom Harte, Jeffrey Richman, and Chris Bleth. Composer Jeff Beal played piano and trumpet.

Thanks to composer Jeff Beal, each member of the orchestra is credited in the film, which is extremely rare in today’s environment.

Premiering on CNN Oct. 24, “Blackfish” made its first big splash at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013. The 90-minute documentary was quickly acquired by CNN Films and Magnolia Pictures.