Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians to be Archived


ProMusicDB.org Announces Plan to Archive Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians With ‘Make Musician Credits Timeless’ Fundraiser

ProMusicDB.org announces their “Make Musician Credits Timeless” fundraising campaign, seeking support for three archiving projects that will integrate over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians into the ProMusicDB.org platform.

“Music is timeless in the digital age. Therefore, the acknowledgement of the people who created and performed music should be timeless as well,” says Christy Crowl, Founder and CEO of ProMusicDB.org. “We believe that by archiving musician credits and their digital artifacts in the ProMusicDB.org platform, we are preserving a valuable piece of our culture in history, and empowering a more personal connection between the music we hear every day and the musicians that create it.”

The three digital archiving projects will take over a year to complete, and include creating a ProMusicDB Legacy Artist Archive for Composer, Arranger, and Conductor Jimmie Haskell; a Legendary Players Archive for the 73 Los Angeles musicians who are considered part of The Wrecking Crew; and the integration of the 203 musician pages formerly on the website LAStudioMusicians.info, which will establish the foundation for the ProMusicDB Living Legacy Archives.

“We desire to create these archives because of the body of work these musicians represent, that unfortunately has gone unacknowledged over time. Their influence is felt by an entire generation of music fans and professional musicians, and we all know currently there is no authoritative or collective source providing complete information on any of them, or any other musician for that matter. We hope ProMusicDB.org can change that – for them and for all professional musicians moving forward. Our success is dependent on how the musician community supports our fundraising efforts towards this goal,” Crowl added.

Additional details of the three “Make Musician Credits Timeless” projects (including a complete list of musician names) can be found here: afm47.org/promusicdbfundraiser

Is your name on our list? You can join ProMusicDB.org as a Founding Artist until April 24. Membership is tax-deductible and all membership funds go towards preserving musician’s legacy in ProMusicDB.org. Join today: promusicdb.org

More information on how to become a Sponsoring Artist or Donor will be available at the General Membership meeting April 24.

ProMusicDB.org is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE Program and is a founding member of the BerkleeICE Open Music Initiative. Endorsers include the Professional Musicians Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians, SAG-AFTRA Singers, the Music Library Association, the Entertainment ID Registry Association, and the Wrecking Crew.