Results of Voting at April 25, 2022 General Membership Meeting

Thank you to all who attended our General Membership Meeting on April 25, 2022. The results of voting are as follows:

Resolution to Amend the Bylaws (Triennial Election Cycle), as amended:

Yes: 54 (passed)
No: 11

The full text of the amended Resolution, and the updated Local 47 bylaws, may be accessed by logging in to your member account (once logged in, click the “Scales and Documents” tab). Hard copies are available upon request from the Secretary/Treasurer’s Office: 323.993.3159

Salary Review Board (elect 5):

David Wheatley – 42 – elected
Michele Forrest – 40 – elected
Sidney Hopson – 35 – elected
Nick Stone – 34 – elected
Preston Shepard 27 – elected
Paul Sternhagen – 27 (declined)
Kris Mettala – 25

Election Board (elect 7):

Cary Belling – elected by acclamation
Nancy Roth – elected by acclamation
Kris Mettala – elected by acclamation
Nick Stone – elected by acclamation
Marcy Vaj – elected by acclamation
David Wheatley – elected by acclamation
(1) position vacant (to be filled at July GMM)

Please save the date for our next General Membership Meeting:
Monday, July 25, 2022, 7:30pm.
Open to all members in good standing.