September 2015 Overture Online: Happy Labor Day!

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Overture Online: September 2015


I am a proud union worker.

That means I am part of an organization that fights not only for my own benefit, but for everyone’s.

Unions are one of the only forces capable of effectively resisting the continual downward push on employee compensation. Consumer spending is what creates jobs and prosperity. Increased employee compensation leads to more consumer spending; it pumps more fuel into the engine that drives the whole economy.

That is what unions are fighting for.

That is what I am supporting by working in a union.

Democrats Say ‘Bring More Music Jobs to CA!’
California Democratic Party passes resolution to broaden state’s film & TV tax
incentives to support music employment

‘Martini in the Morning’ Keeping the Lounge Sound Alive
Popular radio personality partners with Local 47 to promote AFM musicians

Cash Date Fact Check
The true cost of taking non-union work

‘New York in Hollywood’ Changing Lives One Child at a Time
October charity fundraiser will benefit CSUN Music Therapy Wellness Clinic 

Local 47 Wins in 2015 International Labor Media Awards
Annual contest honors the best in labor journalism from around the nation

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Serena Kay & Earl Williams Auditorium, 7:30 pm

On the Agenda: Discussion on Mail-in Referendum

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