Spider-Man: Far From Home

Michael Giacchino returns once again to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” The acclaimed composer wrote the music to 2017’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and scored both it and this year’s sequel on the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox with a large AFM Local 47 orchestra conducted by Marshall Bowen III.

One of the most-acclaimed composers in the film industry today, Giacchino won an Academy Award for his poignant score for Disney Pixar’s “Up” and possesses an extraordinary amount of range, having composed the scores for both blockbuster spectacles and smaller-scale films.

In the latest installment of the Spider-Man saga, Peter Parker returns once again to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plan to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks, wreaking havoc across the continent.

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” opens in theaters on July 2, 2019.

All photos by/courtesy of Gayle Levant

AFM 47 Members of the ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Orchestra*

Belinda Broughton, concertmaster
Alyssa Park, Concertmaster
Roger Wilkie, principal 2nd
Josefina Vergara, principal 2nd
Armen Anassian
Charles Bisharat
Jacqueline Brand
Darius Campo
Roberto Cani
Ron Clark
Nina Evtuhov
Lorenz Gamma
Jessica Guideri
Neel Hammond
Clayton Haslop
Tamara Hatwan
Peter Kent
Aimee Kreston
Kevin Kumar
Songa Lee
Phillip Levy
Marina Manukian
Serena McKinney
Lucia Micarelli
Carolyn Osborn
Sara Parkins
Chang “Tina” Qu
Mark Robertson
Tereza Stanislav
Sarah Thornblade
John Wittenberg
Kenneth Yerke

Darrin McCann, principal
Caroline Buckman
Andrew Duckles
Karen Elaine
Alma Fernandez
Pamela Goldsmith
Leah Katz
Luke Maurer
Jorge Moraga
Karie Prescott
Cassandra Lynne Richburg
Harry Shirinian
Rodney Wirtz

Steve Richards, principal
John Acosta
Alisha Bauer
Giovanna Clayton
Stephen Erdody
Stefanie Fife
Vahe Hayrikyan
Suzie Katayama
Armen Ksajikian
Victor Lawrence
Dane Little
Dermot Mulroney
Aniela Perry
Kevan Torfeh
Julie Jung Yoo

String Bass
Dave Stone, principal
Nico Abondolo
Peter Doubrovsky
Oscar Hidalgo
Christian Kollgaard
Norman Ludwin
Edward Meares
Chuck Nenneker
Michael Valerio
Karl Vincent

Heather Clark, principal
Steve Kujala
Bobby Shulgold

Lara Wickes, principal
Joseph Stone, principal
Jonathan Davis

Donald Foster, principal
Donald Markese
John Mitchell
Joshua Ranz

Rose Corrigan, principal
Kenneth Munday, principal
Damian Montano

David Everson, principal
Steven Becknell, principal
Laura Brenes
Dylan Hart
Daniel Kelley
Danielle Ondarza
Teag Reaves
Amy Sanchez
Brad Warnaar

David Washburn, principal
Marissa Benedict
Jon Lewis

Alex Iles, principal
Juliane Gralle
Steve Holtman
Alan Kaplan
Andy Martin
William Reichenbach

Doug Tornquist
John Van Houten

George Doering
Andrew Synowiec

Electric Cello
Martin Tillmann

Electric Bass
Abraham Laboriel

Mark Gasbarro

Mark LeVang

Gayle Levant
Marcia Dickstein

Bernie Dresel

Daniel Greco, principal
M.B. Gordy
Pete Korpela
Kenneth McGrath
Alex Neciosup-Acuna

Don Williams

Orchestra Contractor
Reggie Wilson

Assistant Orchestra Contractor
Connie Boylan

Pierre N. Derycz
Ian Grodsky Gottlieb
Curtis Colton Green
Jeffrey James Kryka

Christopher Anderson- Bazzoli
Brandon K. Bailo
Leslie E. Buttars
Nicholas Jorge Cazares
Mae M. Crosby
Laurel Elizabeth Diskin
Alfredo R. Esparza
Dave V. Giuli
Jennifer L. Hammond
Lisa M. Janacua
Valarie J. King
Martin W. McClellan
Aaron J. Meyer
Melissa D. Orquiza
Karen Marie Smith
Booker T. White

Michael Giacchino

Orchestra rosters include names of AFM Local 47 members in good standing at time of publication. To report an error or updated information please email listenla@afm47.org.