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Notice to musicians traveling with instruments containing ivory or endangered species

Important notice from AFM:

Many musicians have instruments containing ivory or other endangered species material—which makes travel potentially perplexing. If your instrument contains ivory, Brazilian rosewood, tortoiseshell, or another endangered species, you will need documentation before crossing international borders. Please visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for information before traveling.

Please note U.S. federal regulations may impact instrument sales so review the guidelines if you are planning on buying or selling an instrument that may contain ivory or endangered species material.

Bows Made With Pernambuco. You do not need documentation to travel with bows containing pernambuco wood as long as these instruments do not also contain ivory or other endangered species material. This U.S. Department of the Interior letter details that finished bows made of pernambuco wood do not require documentation. Please bookmark or print this letter to make traveling easier.

Air Travel Now Officially Sweeter for Musicians


Photo by xlibber/Flickr Creative Commons

Transportation Authority releases final ruling on musical instruments onboard U.S. air carriers

On Dec. 30, 2014, the U.S. Department of Transportation released the long-awaited final administrative rule which fully implements section 403 of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2012, the law authorizing musical instruments as carry-on baggage on board U.S. air carriers.

This historic accomplishment was led by the American Federation of musicians and made possible through efforts by members of Congress who are longtime AFM allies, and officers and rank-and-file members of Local 161-710 in Washington, D.C.

The final ruling pertaining to musical instruments can be read at www.dot.gov.

When traveling by air with your musical instrument, the AFM strongly recommends that you take a copy of this TSA letter & FAA rules you: FAA letter 2015.pdf