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Leveling the Score: Alliance for Women Film Composers celebrates & advocates for female artists

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by Linda A. Rapka

Composer Laura Karpman never envisioned she would be participating in an organization like the Alliance for Women Film Composers, let alone serving as its president.

“I had hoped that my career, plus the careers of a few of my contemporaries and those who have come before us, would create myriad opportunities, equal opportunities for everyone,” Karpman said.

However, a need was seen to level the score for women in the current composing climate, and last September the Alliance for Women Film Composers came to life. The brainchild of AFM Local 47 members Karpman and Lolita Ritmanis and former member Miriam Cutler, the AWFC aims to increase the visibility of women composers active in media scoring through advocacy, support and education initiatives. Continue reading

July 2016 Overture Online: Alliance for Women Film Composers

Overture Online
July 2016

Cover Story:

Leveling the Score

Alliance for Women Film Composers celebrates and advocates for female artists

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