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H&W: Live Healthy!

Professional Musicians & Employer’s Health & Welfare Fund

Take Control of Your Health: Your Life Depends On It!

Taking care of yourself by exercising and eating well can make a big difference in your over-all health. If you are healthy, stay healthy by maintaining a lifestyle that promotes wellness.

It’s not easy to stop unhealthy habits and start healthy ones. Take baby steps; focus on one small area that you can improve. Adding exercise to your daily routine is one way to a healthier lifestyle. Continue reading

Looking for Health Insurance?

Special Enrollment might be the answer. The Actors Fund can help

Questions about Covered California or Medi-Cal? Wondering what changes are happening with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Do you still need health insurance or face a penalty for being uninsured? How can you get health insurance before the next Open Enrollment?

The Actors Fund’s Health Services program can help answer these questions. Remember The Actors Fund assists everyone in the performing arts and entertainment and that includes musicians. Continue reading

H&W: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy


Professional Musicians, Local 47 and Employers’ Health & Welfare Fund

Your health matters, to you and to your family

Getting healthy and staying that way doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can reduce your risk of many health problems by taking care of the basics, like preventive tests and exams and paying attention to your eye health, which might hint at bigger health issues.

Concentrate on these areas to get and keep yourself on track. Continue reading

Acupuncture for Musicians

by Stephanie Hayman

In the music world, injuries may occur frequently as musicians often push beyond their limits. Inadequate rest, unhealthy eating habits, improper posture and mental and emotional strain compound this problem. With a musician’s hectic lifestyle, sufficient time is often not allowed for the body to heal. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory (especially steroids) medications are often used to dull the aches and pains. It’s a quick and easy approach, but only a temporary fix.

By medicinally covering up pain, stiffness, swelling, or aches, you may be masking a deeper problem. These symptoms are signals from your body telling you that something is weakened and out of balance. These warning signals are telling you to stop, rest, and heal. Continue reading