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Then and Now: The Evolution of Overture

Overture front page covers from the Local 47 Archive

Overture front page covers from the Local 47 Archive

by Linda A. Rapka

From newsletter to magazine to newspaper — and soon to be digital electronic publication and print quarterly color magazine — the publication has undergone quite a few transformations since its inception. By venturing down into the Local 47 archives, we can take a journey back in time to discover how the Overture began all those years ago. Continue reading

Stop the Presses! Overture Going Digital

overture online

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With the January 2015 issue of Overture comes a special announcement: The official publication of AFM Local 47 is going digital!

Starting next month, we are re-launching as a monthly electronic publication. In addition to continuing to offer union news and musicians’ stories monthly in this new and wider-reaching online format, we will continue to also preserve the legacy of print by providing Local 47 members with a newly redesigned, full-color magazine each quarter. Continue reading