Thousands turn out for May Day March Los Angeles 2017

AFM Local 47 musicians, WGA-West writers, and Healthy California coalition members marched with tens of thousands of Angelenos on May Day 2017 on a three-mile course from MacArthur Park to City Hall.

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Musicians marched on Monday in record numbers. Our community of politically-engaged musicians has grown larger than ever before, with nearly 50 musicians making the long march in the hot sun yesterday.

Tony Jones, Jeff Fish and Bryan Head led the drumline at the May Day March Los Angeles 2017.  View our May Day YouTube playlist.

Even as music, film and television industries thrive, musicians are struggling like never before to make ends meet. We’re seeing that working people in every industry have an uphill climb towards prosperity, and that hill keeps getting steeper. SAG-AFTRA is fighting against unfair mistreatment of performers, the writers’ guild was on the verge of a strike over exploitative contracts, and musicians are banding together against a race to the bottom. May Day is about fighting back.

When we come together, not just with other entertainment industry unions, but with workers around the world, we can muster the power to demand a more equitable society: one in which working people get to share in the fruits of their labor.