We did it! SB 562 Passes First Committee Hearing!

Healthy California Bill SB 562 Passes Senate Healthcare Committee

On April 25, 2017 the Senate Health Committee voted to support SB 562 and guarantee healthcare for all Californians. Musicians join in celebrating this as the first important step on our road to making guaranteed healthcare a reality in the Golden State.

The hearing followed a rally with over 1,000 supporters including nurses, community, business, workers, seniors, doctors and healthcare providers and advocates. Thank you to Senators Hernandez, Atkins, Monning, Mitchell, and Leyva for voting Yes on SB 562 and supporting healthcare as a human right!

But our work has just begun. We must continue to build our movement to win healthcare justice and we need your help.

Here are four things you can do to help us win guaranteed healthcare:

Chip in $5, $25 or $250 to help pay for upcoming campaign activities to bring even more supporters to Sacramento to make sure our voices are heard! Today we had buses come from around the state, as far as Orange County to show support for the Healthy California Act. But the buses don’t pay for themselves, any donation amount helps us bring even more supports back in may for important Sacramento actions!

Get Social! Ask your friends to join us at HealthyCA.org, and find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Get Involved! Find your local Regional Coordinator to join local meetings, trainings and join in local events to show your Senator it’s time for SB 562.

Thank you for being a part of the movement to win the Healthy California Act. Together we had a huge win today and we look forward to making guaranteed healthcare a reality with you.

In Unity,

The HealthyCA Team

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