Stronger Together

As a professional musician, your real strength comes from working collectively with other musicians. If you are considering becoming a member of the musicians union, ask yourself:

• Do I want to be paid fairly for my talent and skill?
• Do I want access to quality health care and pension?
• Do I want to be safe at my workplace?
• Do I want access to expert assistance if something goes wrong?

If you answered "yes," you're ready to join!

Isolated musicians are more easily exploited and less likely to receive the benefits Local 47 members enjoy — contracts that are more than just pieces of paper, health care and pension, scale wages worthy of professionals, and more. Serving thousands of professional musicians throughout Los Angeles, American Federation of Musicians Local 47 promotes and protects the concerns of musicians in all areas of the music business.

Union Membership Makes the Difference

Affiliated with the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, AFL-CIO, we negotiate with employers to establish fair wages and working conditions for our members.
AFM Member Benefits:

• Wage protection
• Health insurance & pension
• Low-cost rehearsal rooms
• Instrument insurance
• Free classes & seminars
• Emergency travel assistance
• Musicians’ referral service
• Expert help from union staff
• Union deals & discounts

Local, National and International Agreements cover:

• Low-budget/student films
• Studio recordings
• Video games
• Live concerts
• Motion pictures
• Television
• New media
• Demos
• Commercials

AFM Member Benefits Include:

Established Scales/Wage Protection and contract enforcement when an employer fails to pay or defaults on an agreement

Health Insurance at affordable group rates for all areas of coverage: medical, dental, vision, chiropractic

Pension through the AFM & Employers’ Pension Fund

Low-Cost Rehearsal Rooms starting at $15 per session

Free Classes & Seminars offered to members year-round

Instrument Insurance to protect your instrument and equipment

Emergency Assistance for traveling musicians

Studio 47, our state-of-the-art digital recording studio, does everything from tracking to CD mastering/duplication

SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union, our affiliate partner, offers financial services for AFM members at competitive rates

Union Member Discounts from the AFL-CIO Union Privilege program offer special loan, mortgage, credit and legal services, and discounts on everyday purchases

Expert help from union staff

Gig Junction Referral Service free for members to join

Youth Membership offers a discounted fee for musicians under 21

Local 47 Member Directory, a convenient resource containing contact information for members listed by name and instrument

Overture Magazine & App, our publications spotlighting members and sharing union news

Youth Membership offers a discounted fee for musicians under 21