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In Memoriam: Tom Petty

Photo by Larry Philpot, www.soundstagephotography.com

Member. Guitar
10/20/1950 – 10/2/2017

AFM Local 47 the world in mourning the loss of music icon and longtime Los Angeles musicians’ union member Tom Petty.

His artistry and talents with the Heartbreakers, the Traveling Wilburys, and Mudcrutch made him one of the best-selling musicians of all time and earned him a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Thank you for the music.

In Memoriam: August 2017

Harold (Hershey) Bell
Life Member. Trumpet
11/10/1924 – 7/9/2017
Survived by spouse

William S. Bryson
Life Member. Guitar
11/10/1946 – 4/30/2017
Survived by spouse

Aeros DeAnda Pierce
10/30/1948 – 6/14/2017
Survived by spouse

Joseph ‘Teddy Haynes’ Preciado
Life Member. Guitar
12/31/1923 – 7/8/2017
Survived by spouse & child

In Memoriam: June 2017

Chris Cornell
7/20/1964 – 5/17/2017
Survived by wife & children

Virginia DiTullio (Royer)
Life Member. Piano
12/13/1934 – 4/8/2017
Survived by siblings

L.J. (Jack) Imel
Life Member. Marimba
6/9/1932 – 5/2/2017
Survived by spouse

Derrick A. Lefebvre
8/24/1974 – 4/17/2017
Survived by mother

Dave Pell
Life Member. Saxophone
2/26/1925 – 5/7/2017
Survived by wife & children

In Memoriam: May 2017

Leonard (Leon) A. Beck
Life Member. Piano
5/11/1929 – 12/4/2016
Survived by spouse

George A. Brooks
Life Member. Trumpet
1/8/1928 – 2/23/2017
Survived by children

David H. Diller
Life Member. Vocalist
4/20/1926 – 3/17/2017
Survived by children

Joseph (Joe) P. McGuire
5/20/1951 – 1/12/2017
Survived by spouse

John M. Setar
Life Member. Alto/Tenor Saxophone
11/16/1924 – 3/15/2017
Survived by spouse

Anthony (Tony) Terran
Life Member. Trumpet
5/30/1926 – 3/20/2017
Survived by children

Memorial for Leslie Gersicoff

We mourn the loss of sister Leslie Gersicoff, Executive Director of the Jewish Labor Committee Western Region, a tireless friend to musicians and to all workers.

Please join us for a memorial to honor and celebrate her remarkable life on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 3:30 p.m. in the AFM Local 47 Serena Kay and Earl Williams Auditorium, 817 Vine Street, Hollywood. Continue reading