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BREAKING: AFM-EPF Application for Special Financial Assistance Approved

Today the Board of Trustees of the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund announced that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has approved the AFM-EPF application for Special Financial Assistance. Funds are expected to be received on or about August 12, 2024. Continue reading

President’s Report: July 2024

“…with liberty and justice for all…”

So much of what the AFM, and all labor unions do, can be contained in that one seemingly simple phrase. We are all constantly engaged in a quest for equal, fair, and just treatment for our members.

Unfortunately, it is often quite a struggle — and the attempted exploitation of musicians and other workers can be nothing short of stomach churning.
But we persist because it is the right thing to do and because musicians deserve to be treated and compensated fairly for their creations. Continue reading

Vice President’s Report: July 2024

Our Angeleno summer is heating up, and just like that, a whole new season is upon us. Rest assured there’s plenty new here at Local 47 beyond soaring temperatures!

As I write this, we are about to launch “E2,” our long-awaited new database system. E2 is more than just a database; it is the breathing heart and soul of all of our work here at the Local, from membership communications and payments to job processing to mailings and more. The process of designing the system began before my tenure as Vice President, but I have been in charge of the development. And yes, that means that any frustrations you may have should be sent my way. 🙂 Continue reading

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: July 2024

Happy summer!

We are facing a number of challenges here at Local 47 and every one of them is significant and interconnected. Your Executive Board is grappling with our finances long term, but the realities of revenue versus expenses are presenting real challenges to investing in our goals and values.

Plan on attending the next General Membership Meeting on July 22 at 7:30 p.m. to hear detailed information on our finances. We need your input and participation!

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This Independence Day, we are reminded about the value of freedom in our daily lives.

As a labor union, one important freedom we hold most dear is the freedom in the workplace to be able to work with rights and protections that keep us safe and secure while on the job. Continue reading

Member Spotlight: Steven Allen Fox

Maestro Steven Allen Fox is an innovative concert creator, conductor, producer, and composer who has conducted or produced over 100 premieres of new compositions and suites. He received a bachelor’s degree in music from Illinois State University, majoring in music theory and composition, and also has a graduate certificate in film and television scoring from the University of Southern California. Continue reading

Music Performance Trust Fund – July 2024

Local 47 member Kirk Andrés Wilson and his quartet performing an MPTF-sponsored Juneteenth concert 6/19/2024 at Hollywood Piano in Pasadena.

Are you interested in presenting a FREE and open to the public CONCERT?

For over seven decades, the Music Performance Trust Fund provides grants for free public live music events. Its mission includes contributing to the public knowledge and appreciation of music, as well as making music a part of every child’s life experience. Continue reading