David Angel Jazz Ensemble: ‘Out on the Coast’

A Triple-Disc Triumph a Lifetime in the Making

Los Angeles native David Angel is one of the most respected composer/arrangers on the West Coast; however, he is virtually unknown to the general public. That is why tuba and bass-trombone master Jim Self decided it was time to rectify that situation. He brought together the David Angel Jazz Ensemble to record “Out on the Coast,” a gorgeous three-disc, first of its kind anthology of Angel’s music. Continue reading

March 2021 Overture Online: Persevering Through the Pandemic

Inside This Issue:

Persevering Through the Pandemic

LA orchestras utilize tech to stay connected with audiences

Protect Our AFM Pension!

Sign up for a phone/Zoom banking session

David Angel Jazz Ensemble

“Out on the Coast” – a triple-disc triumph

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Hearing Board rulings

The AFM Local 47 Hearing Board has issued the following:

  • Hearing Board Ruling 47-2019-01 – Kern v Chase
  • Hearing Board Ruling 47-2020-01 – Byrd v Baptist
  • Hearing Board Reprimand 47-2019-01 – Ms. Deborah Chase

These documents may be found in the members section of the Local 47 website. Once logged in, navigate to the “Members-Only Scales and Documents” page and view the document under the header “Hearing Board” in the right-hand column.

H&W: What to Expect When You Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

When it’s your turn to get a COVID-19 vaccine, we want you to be prepared. Here are some things you can expect:

Getting 2 injections. All but one of the vaccines that have been or may be approved for use require two doses. The doses are given several weeks apart, and the same authorized vaccine brand must be used for both — the vaccines are not interchangeable. Continue reading

Act now to protect our AFM Pension

Our AFM-EPF pension plan is one of over 100 multiemployer union pensions in critical status because of aging demographics, declining participation, and reduced contributions. But now, if we all stand together in unison as AFM members, we can change that.

The AFM and its U.S. player conferences (ICSOM, RMA, ROPA and TMA) have put together a handy toolkit for all members to take action to support the Reconciliation Package and ensure our pension and retirement remain secure. Time is of the essence as pension reform is the closest it has ever been in years to becoming a reality. Lobbying takes a focused and organized effort. There are tens of thousands of pension participants and AFM members around the U.S. We can make this happen! Continue reading

February 2021 Overture Online: Celebrating Black History Month

Inside This Issue:

Celebrating Black History Month

How Los Angeles paved the way for desegregation within the AFM

UI Update

Congress approves extra unemployment compensation for mixed-earners

#AFM47 Member Spotlight

Meet India.Arie


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Final Note: Jonathan Mako Sharkey

Member. Keyboard
7/18/1949 – 12/1/2020

Jonathan Mako Sharkey, 71, succumbed to brain cancer on December 1, 2020. He was a gifted keyboard player. While he held 16 album credits with other artists, he recorded two solo albums (“Voyager,” “West of Malibu”) that feature original songs and a unique Dr. John-type singing voice. Continue reading

In Groundbreaking Election, Stephanie O’Keefe Elected First Woman President in AFM Local 47 History

Danita Ng-Poss elected secretary/treasurer as first AFM Local 47 officer of Asian descent

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 5, 2021) – Members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 47 shattered a more than century-old glass ceiling by electing Stephanie O’Keefe as the first woman president in the union’s 123-year history. Secretary/Treasurer Elect Danita Ng-Poss, originally from Malaysia, will be the first person of Asian descent to serve as a titled officer of the union. Continue reading

January 2021 Overture Online: AFM Local 47 Election Returns

Inside This Issue:

AFM Local 47 Election Returns

Congratulations to all candidates, and thank you to all members who voted, in our Dec. 8, 2020 General Election!

2020: Year in Review

A look back at a most challenging year

Next General Membership Meeting
(aka Inaugural Meeting)

Join us on Monday, Jan. 11 via Zoom for the swearing in of new officers!

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[POSTPONED] 2021 Blood Drive

[UPDATE 1/13/2021]: Due to the spike in COVID cases across Southern California, we have decided to postpone the Local 47 Blood Drive event scheduled for Feb. 9 in order to limit the number of persons on our property. We apologize for any inconvenience, and encourage all members to please consider giving blood at your local Red Cross donation center. Continue reading