Act now to protect our AFM Pension

Our AFM-EPF pension plan is one of over 100 multiemployer union pensions in critical status because of aging demographics, declining participation, and reduced contributions. But now, if we all stand together in unison as AFM members, we can change that.

The AFM and its U.S. player conferences (ICSOM, RMA, ROPA and TMA) have put together a handy toolkit for all members to take action to support the Reconciliation Package and ensure our pension and retirement remain secure. Time is of the essence as pension reform is the closest it has ever been in years to becoming a reality. Lobbying takes a focused and organized effort. There are tens of thousands of pension participants and AFM members around the U.S. We can make this happen!

If your representatives in Washington are already supportive of passing pension reform legislation, its quick and easy to drop them a note. Click here to contact your legislators by email. If not, please use the sample scripts below and call your representative to urge their support. Phone calls carry more weight than email or other communications.

SCRIPT #1 to lobby your Senator/Representative:

“My name is ___________ and I am a constituent. I live in ___________. I’m calling to ask for your support for the Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act (EPPRA). I am a musician who depends on our American Federation of Musicians & Employers Fund (AFM-EPF) pension for my retirement. Our multi-employer pension fund is in immediate and dire need, just like so many other multi-employer funds that provide retirement security for millions in other fields. Can you confirm your support for the EPPRA? This issue is of critical importance to me, and will guide my voting in the future. Thank you very much for your time.”

(Find your representatives by zip code here.)

Then, please help your friends and family in other districts carry our message to their Senators and Representatives:

SCRIPT #2 to encourage friends/family who live in target districts to support pension reform:

“Can we talk about our musicians’ pensions for a moment? The cuts that thousands of us are facing can only be averted by Federal legislation. Fortunately, multi-employer pension fund relief has friends in Congress.  A bill has been introduced in the House called the Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act (EPPRA). To put it plainly, the EPPRA will save my pension, your pension, and the pensions of tens of thousands of people in other industries who also depend on multi-employer pension funds for their retirement. Our best shot at passage is by lobbying those legislators who are not yet supportive of the EPPRA. Your representatives fall in that universe. Your Senators are _________ and _____________. Your Congressmember is ________________. Can you make a phone call? A phone call is stronger than an email, and I can help send you their information. I can also send you a sample script that you can use for your call, your email or your letter. It’s great that you are willing to take this small but important action! We can be successful – pass it on!”