Book Review: ‘Adventures in Arranging’ by Dr. Richard Niles

Composer/arranger/producer, AFM Local 47 member Dr. Richard Niles has had musical adventures with some of the world’s most successful and acclaimed artists from Paul McCartney to Pat Metheny, James Brown to Randy Brecker, Tina Turner to Michael McDonald, Ray Charles to the Pet Shop Boys.

His uniquely humorous style not only delivers essential tools, but encourages musicians to think, explore, and discover their own inner voice to develop a personal style. The exercises stress that there is more than one way to solve a musical challenge, demonstrating that orchestration, voicings, harmonic and melodic techniques are, like a piano, only an instrument to express your ideas. Beyond a host of arranging techniques and analysis, Niles gives inspiring real-word advice and insider tips from 45 years on the ‘killing floor’ of the recording studio — how to work with record companies, songwriters, artists, managers and producers.

The book includes 36 musical examples with audio files that can be accessed online, streamed or downloaded.

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“Richard Niles is a great arranger and musician and was a great pleasure to work with.” – PAUL McCARTNEY

“Richard Niles is one of the best composer/arrangers and a truly exciting musical force.” – PAT METHENY

“A must for every aspiring arranger and a very useful resource for anyone already advanced in this field.” – CHRIS WALDEN (5x Grammy Nominated Composer/Arranger)

“A textbook that is witty, informative, packed with insights into Niles’ arranging methods!” – JOHN ALTMAN (Emmy & BAFTA Winning Composer/Arranger)

“A must read for arrangers and orchestrators in modern recorded music.  This is a text book that should be in the libraries of every college music department in the world!“   – TONY VISCONTI (Arranger/Producer for David Bowie)

“After a lifetime of hits, Richard Niles is showing you here just how to do it.  Theories are useful but the practical application shown in this book is of immeasurable value.” – SYLVESTER RIVERS (Arranger/ Producer)

“This book is about how you arrange. An easy read, full of humor informed by Niles’ vast and rich experience.” – DON PEAKE (Wrecking Crew guitarist and composer for “Knight Rider”)