Book Review: “Horns Up, Boys…It’s Showtime!” by John Hughes Bennett

A Rare Glimpse Behind the Curtain!

Have you ever wondered what goes on backstage at professional shows? After working with some of the biggest names in show business, professional trumpet player John Hughes Bennett shares unique stories about the famous entertainers, dancers, singers, and musicians he worked with for over 60 years.

In “Horns Up, Boys…It’s Showtime!” you’ll be transported backstage as you experience the performers expressing their other, less publicized, talents for humor. Good-humored pranks and practical jokes were the norms backstage, and no one was safe. Even the not-so-innocent victims quickly joined in the fun, devising their schemes for retaliation, hoping to one-up the original jokester.

You will be entertained as you witness the common bonds performers share behind the scenes as they express their off-beat humor, bizarre antics, and jaw-dropping comments.

Join along for a fun and relaxing ride, before these stories fade in time, through the whirlwind backstage world of professional show business.

“Horns Up, Boys…It’s Showtime!” is available for purchase as paperback at Barnes & Noble and as paperback or Kindle ebook at