Final Note: Glenn Arlington Mitchell

Life Member. String Bass
7/26/1941 – 4/6/2022

‘Jazz music will live forever in my heart’

by Zoila Ramos Mitchell

Glenn Arlington Mitchell — musician, writer, artist, conductor, husband and lover of jazz music — was born in the city of Hollywood on July 26, 1941. His father, Uber Arlington Mitchell, was from Colorado, and Elle Foust was from California.

From an early age he studied piano in the city of El Segundo, where he lived and spent his childhood and adolescence, and completed his elementary and high school studies. Many memories would come to his mind when he would ride his bicycle in a tunnel that was under construction near LAX airport.

He enrolled in the Army and went to Vietnam fulfilling his service and obtaining an honorable medal. He then took a job as a driver and worked with several companies as a member of Teamsters Local 46, where he stood out as secretary and treasurer for more than 10 years, fulfilling his functions at all times. He had many ideas of prosperity and progress for the members of the Teamsters. Later when he retired from work, he dedicated his time to music as a member of the American Federation of Musicians Local 47, playing the double bass and congas in concerts, clubs, institutions, private parties, beach residences, hotels, etc.

Being a born writer by nature, over the years he became a great writer specializing in jazz music. He was a writer who possessed a literary wealth, he began to write for L.A. Jazz Scene magazine. His writing style was filled with great naturalness and spontaneity. His readers liked very much his simple narrative language that always served to promote and spread the great values of jazz music. It was easy for Glenn to understand and comment on musical notes since he cultivated his love for music since he was a young child. That is why in each article, due to his musical acuity that was perfected over the years, he was able to decipher if the musical group or singer was in accordance with a particular musical theme.

He passed away on April 6, 2022 at 8:15 a.m. at the P.I.H. Hospital in Whittier, of prostate cancer after several years of suffering from this disease. 

Rest in peace my husband, my love, and may the Lord God Jehovah have you in His Holy Glory.