Final Note: Eric C. (Rick) Culver

Life Member. Trombone
4/30/1943 – 1/11/2020

by Tom & Lila Peterson

This note is in celebration of the life of Rick Culver. I met Rick in 1967 when we were in the Army Special Services band at Fort Meade Maryland. It didn’t take long to become good friends and that friendship has lasted over the years.

Not only did I admire Rick for his creative mind and musicianship but also his stubborn nature and his passion for what he thought was right and just. He became a regular at our house in Van Nuys, especially after our daughter was born. He was known as Uncle Rick, Big Boy, and several other nicknames. Rick was involved in all our holiday and school related events. He and my wife, Lila, became close friends as well and then there was Caren. Caren changed it all for Rick. He had the companion he always wanted and the love of his life.

We will miss Rick for his humor, his music, friendship, and his goofy Christmas letters. We will never forget Rick. He was one of a kind.

One thought on “Final Note: Eric C. (Rick) Culver

  1. trevor ellis

    Rick Culver was a fine musician and his artistic ability as a bass trombonist shone brightly during his tenure with the late jazz drummer Buddy Rich big band.


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