#ListenLA: Let’s keep music scoring work in Los Angeles!

The sounds created within the walls of Los Angeles recording studios are known around the world for the magic they bring to television and motion pictures.

#ListenLA, an education and outreach project launched by Local 47 last month, is dedicated to reminding the public of the integral role L.A. musicians play in the world of film and TV and to encourage productions to score music with AFM Local 47 musicians.


The Best Music is Made Here in Los Angeles

At listen-la.com find out what prominent composers such as Randy Newman, Mychael Danna, Alf Clausen, Jeff Beal, David Schwartz, and many others active in the recording community have to say about why they love scoring here in Los Angeles. On our #ListenLA Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, keep up with all the motion picture, television and recording projects being scored here, and join with fans of L.A. film and TV music from around the world in supporting your local music community.

For anyone interested in recording in Los Angeles, everything you need to know is now available at the click of a button. A handy step-by-step how-to presentation on the #ListenLA website walks newbies through how to navigate the various contracts and scales, and an electronic submission form makes it easier than ever to submit your project.

From low-budget indies to billion-dollar blockbusters, L.A. musicians can record music for any project under any budget. By making available scales and contracts for all manner of recording projects in one central location, listen-la.com also serves to highlight some of the union’s new contracts that individuals may not yet be familiar with, such as the new Independent/Festival Film Agreement used for indie movies with budgets under $2 million.

“The AFM’s new contracts (such as the festival film agreement) allowed us to record the orchestra for ‘Blackfish’ here in Los Angeles — a small Sundance documentary that’s made its way to national attention in theaters worldwide,” said Local 47 composer Jeff Beal, who just received an Emmy nod for his work on Netflix original series “House of Cards,” also scored in L.A.

“It’s hard to imagine this little film would have struck the chord it has with audiences had we not been able to use such a wonderful ensemble on our score!”

Visit listen-la.com and join in the conversation to encourage keeping scoring work local, and keeping it union!

“Los Angeles musicians are the heartbeat of Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world,” says Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “To record here in Los Angeles is to record with the best.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Spread the word about #ListenLA by clicking the “join the conversation” link at listen-la.com — and don’t forget to sign up for your free sticker!