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Amazon’s ‘Transparent’ Blasted for Unequal Treatment of Musicians

** UPDATE 4/11/2016 —  We are pleased to report that an agreement has been reached with the producers of Amazon original series “Transparent” to cover musicians working on the show under a union contract. Read more **

Labor organizations demand action asking ‘Where’s the pride for musicians?’

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LOS ANGELES, CA (March 29, 2016) — Amazon series “Transparent” has come under fire by leaders in the Los Angeles labor community for the unequal treatment of musicians who work on the show.

On Tuesday morning members of AFM Local 47, the Los Angeles chapter of the American Federation of Musicians, leafleted outside a desert location shoot in Pearblossom, California, asking “Where’s the pride for musicians?” and calling upon production company Picrow to hold musicians to the same standard as all its other workers. The acting talent, writers, directors, and crew receive union wages, benefits and protections; only musicians are shut out of a labor contract.   Continue reading

#listenLA spotlight: Interview with ‘House of Cards’ composer Jeff Beal

jeff beal HOC

On the heals of two new Emmy nominations for his music for “House of Cards,” Jeff Beal talks about composing for the hit Los Angeles-scored series

Beautifully underscoring the dramatic intrigue of Netflix series “House of Cards,” Jeff Beal’s darkly atmospheric score just garnered two more Emmy nominations. This marks the composer’s third Emmy nod for the show, and 13th altogether.

To date, Beal has won three times, including for the 2007 TNT miniseries “Nightmares & Dreamscapes” and USA Network’s detective series “Monk” in 2003, which were also scored here with our wonderful Los Angeles musicians.

Recorded at his home studio, music for “House of Cards” features more than a dozen of L.A.’s premiere string musicians. Beal spoke with Linda A. Rapka from his home studio about composing for the hit series.

Congratulations on your recent Emmy nominations for “House of Cards”! For both seasons, you’ve recorded in your home studio with Los Angeles musicians.
“They’re fantastic. I have a room in my studio where I do a lot of live recording. With the tight schedules and turnaround times these days being what they are, I love being able to call on the best players in the world and have them available at the drop of a hat. It’s a luxury to work with them. They know the kind of stuff I write, and over the years we have developed a shorthand with each other. It’s nice not having to over-explain to musicians your approach to making music; here a lot of that is sort of a given.”

Read the full interview at listen-la.com

Television Music Comes Alive at Score! Concert

tv academy score

Courtesy of the Television Academy

Today’s hottest TV music came to life at Royce Hall May 21 with the Score! concert, presented by the Television Academy in its first live showcase of television music as performed by a full  orchestra and choir led by the composers themselves.

The unprecedented musical event boasted an orchestra of more than 70 of Los Angeles’s top musicians, contracted by David Low and featuring many of the same musicians who originally recorded the scores. Sharing the stage was the 40-voice LA Chorus directed by Steve Lively, and conducting the performances of today’s iconic television themes were the very composers who wrote them.

See the full story at listen-la.com

#listenLA spotlight: ‘House of Cards’

The Emmy-nominated score to the Netflix original series “House of Cards” features dramatic, atmospheric music from Los Angeles composer Jeff Beal


“Of all of the places to record my scores, my #1 choice is always here in Los Angeles,” Beal says. “The L.A. studio players are experienced, smart and professional. They are quick, and agile at breathing life and drama into my work. Their musicianship comprises an intimate mastery of the techniques and skills required in today’s studio playing.”

The orchestra contracted for each session by David Low (who also plays cello) includes more than a dozen of Los Angeles’s premiere string performers whose rich artistry adds that extra something special to Beal’s intriguing scores.

Way to #listenLA!

Catch the new season debuting on Netflix Feb. 14.

#listenLA spotlight: ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

In the largest session to date for new Marvel TV series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, Los Angeles composer Bear McCreary led a 91-piece orchestra at a scoring session on Sony’s famed Barbara Streisand Scoring Stage in Culver City Dec. 16.

Peter Rotter compiled the massive orchestra comprising 36 violins, 15 violas, 12 celli, 7 basses, two each of flutes, clarinets and bassoons, three trumpets, six horns, three trombones, and oboe, tuba and harp.

Peter Rotter and Bear McCreary

Orchestra contractor Peter Rotter and composer Bear McCreary on the Streisand Scoring Stage

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And the Emmy Goes to…

Congratulations L.A.-musician Emmy winners and nominees!

by Linda A. Rapka

Local 47 composer Bear McCreary took home his first Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music at the 2013 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for his work on “Da Vinci’s Demons,” scored here in Los Angeles.

Bear McCreary

File photo by Linda A. Rapka
A friend to our local scoring community, composer Bear McCreary was honored by the Recording Musicians Association of Los Angeles in February 2011 for his efforts in keeping orchestral music alive in film and TV. The composer earned his first Emmy for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music for “Da Vinci’s Demons” at last month’s awards ceremony

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#ListenLA: Let’s keep music scoring work in Los Angeles!

The sounds created within the walls of Los Angeles recording studios are known around the world for the magic they bring to television and motion pictures.

#ListenLA, an education and outreach project launched by Local 47 last month, is dedicated to reminding the public of the integral role L.A. musicians play in the world of film and TV and to encourage productions to score music with AFM Local 47 musicians.


The Best Music is Made Here in Los Angeles

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