Local 47 Inaugurates New Administration

Following our AFM Local 47 Triennial General Election held in December, the following officers were sworn in at the Inaugural Meeting on January 9, 2023*:

  • President: Stephanie O’Keefe
  • Vice President: Marc Sazer
  • Trustees: Bonnie Janofsky, Bill Reichenbach, Douglas Tornquist
  • Directors: John Acosta, Allison Allport, Allen Fogle, Pam Gates, John Lofton, Norman Ludwin
  • Hearing Board: Rachel Berry, Alan Estes, Paula Fehrenbach, Marisa McLeod, Allen Savedoff
  • Delegates to the AFM Convention: Pam Gates, Bonnie Janofsky, Douglas Tornquist
  • First Alternate Delegate: Norman Ludwin
  • Second Alternate Delegate: Allen Fogle*

Trustee Tornquist and Director Ludwin, who were not present at the Inaugural Meeting, took their oaths of office at the January 17 Executive Board Meeting.

On January 17, the Executive Board appointed Gail Kruvand as Interim Secretary/Treasurer to fill the vacancy left by Danita Ng-Poss. A special election to permanently fill the office will take place at our next General Membership Meeting on April 24. At this meeting elections will also take place to fill two vacancies on the Hearing Board and one vacancy on the Election Board.

We congratulate and thank each member of our union’s new administration, and wish everyone a successful term ahead.