Music Performance Trust Fund celebrates 70 years

This year the Music Performance Trust Fund celebrates providing grants to help create free music performances for the public’s entertainment and education for its 70th year.

Its funding is meant to ensure that the professional musicians who are performing are reasonably paid on par with local scale, while assuring that there is no cost to enjoy the music. The idea is to enhance our communities and enrich lives through music. Co-sponsored events run the gamut of musical styles, from classical and opera, to Dixieland, pop, rock, country, jazz, and R&B. Events often introduce musical styles that are not easily accessible, and many times include an educational element.

MPTF events are held in parks, schools, and public halls, as well as in hospitals and at retirement centers across the U.S. and Canada.

How to Apply

The easiest way to apply for a grant in Los Angeles is to seek the assistance of the American Federation of Musicians Local 47. Our staff is experienced in our application process and can also be helpful in planning and organizing the musical aspect of your event. For more information please visit