‘MusicianFest’ Doc Shares the Healing Power of Music

AFM Local 47 musicians Cali Rose, Jamie Shaheen, Music Performance Trust Fund Trustee Dan Beck, and Kirk Andrés Wilson at the ‘MusicianFest: Never Too Old’ documentary shoot at Long Beach Senior Center June 1, 2018. Photo by Lucius Gallo/MPTF

New film highlights how the Music Performance Trust Fund enriches the lives of older adults

The recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund released the uplifting documentary “MusicianFest: Never Too Old” showcasing how its music programs for older audiences reduce isolation. The film reveals how music enriches not only the lives of older adults, but also the lives of the musicians who perform for them.

Filmed in Los Angeles, New York City and New Orleans, the 27-minute documentary shines a light on the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund and its MusicianFest initiative, which this year will provide 1,000 age-friendly musical performances at senior centers in the United States and Canada. In touching interviews, professionals and audience members from each facility provide their perspectives of the impact these free live performances have on the physical, mental, and social well-being of the individuals they serve and the need for quality lifestyle programming for older adults. AFM musicians from Los Angeles Local 47, New York Local 802, and New Orleans Local 174-496 offer their unique perspectives on how their participation in the program has impacted their lives.

“Live music’s impact on the lives of older adults is truly immeasurable,” stated Dan Beck, trustee of the Music Performance Trust Fund and former Epic Records executive and president of V2 Records. “These performances stimulate our emotions and get people to interact with each other, to get up and move, and to reconnect with joyful memories. Bringing together professional musicians with older populations has only fueled our desire to preserve and grow MusicianFest.”

The official public Los Angeles release of the film took place June 25 at Long Beach Senior Center. Earlier this year, delegates to the AFM Western Conference held in Glendale, California were treated to an exclusive screening and given the opportunity to use the film as a promotional tool at their home Locals to highlight MPTF’s work and service to the community.
The documentary feature is being created in multiple lengths and with closed captioning and audio description to facilitate multiple usage in community meetings, senior centers, digital outlets and in social media. More information and a condensed version of “MusicianFest: Never Too Old” can be found at never2oldmusicfilm.com.

In addition to serving older adults, the recording industry’s Music Performance Trust Fund brings music of all styles to a total audience numbering in the millions and includes all age groups and segments of society. Music ranging from pop to classical, and jazz to Broadway is staged at venues including parks, schools, concert halls, shopping malls, veterans’ hospitals, nursing homes and more. The fund was created by a landmark collective bargaining agreement in 1948 between the AFM and the major recording companies of the day. Today, MPTF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit public service organization that brings music to the public and supplements the income of musicians, all at no cost to those receiving this precious gift of music. Funded via a royalty stream from signatory record labels, led by the three major labels, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and the Warner Music Group, the MPTF presents thousands of live, admission-free musical programs annually in the United States and Canada. Musicians interested in learning more and applying for an MPTF grant may visit afm47.org/mptf or call 323.993.3156.