Non-Union Concert Alert: Shahkar Bineshpajooh

AFM members are advised that the Shahkar Bineshpajooh concert taking place at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 30, 2019 is a non-union engagement, with no protections for fair wages, health & welfare, pension, or other benefits that come with union contracts.

AFM Local 47 has been in discussions with Mr. Bineshpajooh and the venue to try and secure an appropriate AFM agreement. Unfortunately they have not agreed to sign a union contract. We recommend that AFM members not participate until such a contract is in place.

As professional musicians, we must take a stand against taking jobs at sub-standard rates far below what we deserve. We not only cheat ourselves by accepting such engagements, but we also cheat our colleagues by setting a precedent that it’s acceptable to undervalue us and our work. Any musician performing at a major venue like the Microsoft Theater deserves to earn a fair wage and benefits in line with industry standard.

If you are contacted to participate in this concert, please alert the President’s Office at 323.993.3181 or We want to make sure you are paid correctly and receive the proper benefits.