Security Breach Update From Sony Pictures Entertainment

What to do if you believe your information may have been compromised

In response to a massive computer hack that occurred in November, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has sent a message to associated guilds and unions asking them to disseminate the information to their memberships.

After identifying the disruption, SPE took prompt action to contain the cyber attack, engaged recognized security consultants and contacted law enforcement. SPE learned on Dec. 1 that the security of certain personally identifiable information about its current and former employees may have been compromised.

SPE has made arrangements with a third-party service provider, AllClear ID, to offer 12 months of identity protection services at no charge to potentially impacted current and former production employees of SPE or an SPE affiliated company.

If you believe your information may have been compromised as a result of the SPE hack, please contact AllClear ID directly to initiate the enrollment process and/or learn more about their services. For more information, review these instructions as released by SPE.