Solar Eclipse Captures Nation’s Heart

L.A. musicians travel to ‘totality zone’ to experience full force of our nation’s first total eclipse in nearly 100 years

Marcy Vaj and Pam Gates

North America experienced its first total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years on Aug. 21, 2017. Its trajectory crossed the nation from the Pacific to the Atlantic, closely mirroring that of one in June 8, 1918, the last time North America experienced an eclipse in totality.

Los Angeles fell just outside of the main eclipse path and saw a partial eclipse. Seeking to witness the full experience, Local 47 members Marcy Vaj and Pam Gates traveled from Los Angeles to St. Louis, Missouri to view the eclipse along the path of totality.

“It was amazing and worth the trip!” said Gates, who shares her photos taken through the telescope of a generous fellow sky-gazer: