Stop the Presses! Overture Going Digital

overture online

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With the January 2015 issue of Overture comes a special announcement: The official publication of AFM Local 47 is going digital!

Starting next month, we are re-launching as a monthly electronic publication. In addition to continuing to offer union news and musicians’ stories monthly in this new and wider-reaching online format, we will continue to also preserve the legacy of print by providing Local 47 members with a newly redesigned, full-color magazine each quarter.

New e-issues of Overture will be available for viewing online on the first of each month. Accessible from your web browser on your laptop, PC or smart device, a link to the new issue will be posted to the main page of the Local 47 website at

We are very close to completing the development of an electronic version of Overture that will be housed in the Newsstand app of your Apple or Android device.

The electronic issues of Overture will feature many of your favorite familiar page sections and features, which will now will be accessible to the public at large, expanding the union’s visibility around the world. As such, the e-issues will not contain any sensitive member information (such as member suspensions, expulsions or phone changes) or member-privileged information (such as Executive Board minutes or wage scales) — these will be reserved for the quarterly print issues, sent only to members of Local 47.

The quarterlies will be mailed out every January, April, July, and October, and will contain feature stories, news updates, and any announcements requiring due notice per the Local 47 Bylaws.

We are excited to introduce the Overture to these new opportunities afforded us in this ever-advancing technological age. These changes not only offer a more cost-effective way of bringing our members the news, updates and stories we’ve always shared, but the ability do so in a more timely, convenient, and accessible manner.

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