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Special Message From The AFM Local 47 Executive Board

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

AFM Local 47 has recently been made aware of an instance of racial profiling of a BIPOC member who was working under an AFM Local 47 contract at a venue in Los Angeles. 

The Local 47 Executive Board condemns profiling in any form and has engaged legal counsel to contact both the management of the venue and the producer of the event for which Local 47 members were engaged.

Local 47 stands steadfastly committed to ensuring that our members have the opportunity to work in safe environments free of discrimination, harassment, and any other form of inappropriate and unlawful behavior, and to hold anyone responsible for such abuses accountable.

If you or any other member experience a similar situation, please immediately report the conduct to Local 47 by filling out the Discrimination/Harassment Report Form at afm47.org/report, or by contacting the President’s Office at 323.993.3181.

AFM Local 47 Statement on Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry

As a labor union, American Federation of Musicians Local 47 was founded on the core principles of fairness, dignity, respect, and equality for all people. No one should ever be subjected to sexual or physical harassment or abuse of any kind in the workplace, and we commend the many women and men who have courageously spoken out and shared their stories of sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry. Continue reading