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Solidarity Forever! AFM Local 47 in the labor movement

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AFM Local 47 Overture archives

This Labor History Month we celebrate our connection to the greater labor movement

by Linda A. Rapka

From working together in unity with fellow labor unions, to rallying in solidarity with our sisters and brothers on picket lines and protests, AFM Local 47 has a long and rich history among and within the labor movement. To commemorate Labor History Month, we reflect on these ties by taking a journey back more than 70 years to the 1940s, when the Los Angeles musicians union was involved in a flurry of labor activity. Continue reading

Women’s History Month: Exploring the Important Role of Women in Labor History


The history of America’s working women is a history of advocating for the abolition of slavery, the right to vote, the right to unionize, the welfare of children, and the extension of human rights to all. Women were among the first workers to bear the hardships of the industrial revolution, and among the first to unionize.

Women have participated in the labor movement in both a lead and supportive role through its entire history, but the movement has not always been friendly in return. Continue reading