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March 2016 In Memoriam

Rudolph Eagan
Life Member. Piano
12/17/1925 – 2/7/2016
Survived by spouse & children

Jack W. Feierman
Life Member. Trumpet
11/3/1924 – 1/19/2016
Survived by spouse

Newly Reported:

Carol C. Hatch
Life Member. Marimba
4/11/1921 – 7/25/2015
Survived by son & family

Monica Lewis Lang
Life Member. Piano
5/5/1922 – 6/12/2015
Survived by son & family

Deborah R. Luboff
Life Member. Violin
2/24/1920 – 5/23/2015
Survived by children

Final Note: Jimmie Haskell

Jimmie Haskell with Jose Feliciano and the Pope at Yankee stadium, 2008.

Jimmie Haskell with Jose Feliciano and the Pope at Yankee stadium, 2008.

Life Member. Composer

11/7/1926 – 2/4/2016

by Scottie Haskell, daughter

On Feb. 4, 2016, the music world lost an international treasure. World renowned music composer, arranger and conductor Jimmie Haskell passed away at his home in Laguna Niguel California. He was 89 years young.

Born Sheridan Pearlman in Brooklyn, New York on Nov. 7, 1926, Jimmie came to Los Angeles when he was just nine years old. He became an in-demand arranger and producer for the likes of Ricky Nelson, Bobby Darin, The Lettermen, The Grassroots, and many, many more. Continue reading

Final Note: Ray Colcord

Ray ColcordLife Member. Piano
(12/24/1949 – 2/5/2016)

By Dan Foliart

It is with deep sadness that I report the passing of my dear friend, Ray Colcord.

To say that Ray was courageous, would be a gross understatement, as his valiant battle with pancreatic cancer over four years, not only defied all odds, it redefined to all who knew him what the words courage and determination truly mean. During most of those four years we were running companions, with Ray, even in his weakened condition, always the winner as he truly is today. Participating in several LA marathons was always one of his most prized accomplishments. Continue reading