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Interview with ‘The Nightwatchman’ Tom Morello: A Union Man’s-Man

#TBT time! Having met up with Tom Morello at last week’s May Day rally, this Throwback Thursday post is in honor of “The Nightwatchman.” This interview was originally published in the July 2011 AFM Local 47 Overture.


Tom Morello – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Carl Restivo – bass, backing vocals
Eric Gardner – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Chris Joyner – piano, keyboards, backing vocals
Ed Roth – organ

Tom Morello is as well known for his heavy guitar riffs with Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Street Sweeper Social Club and his solo acoustic act The Nightwatchman as he is for fervent political activism. Co-founder of the political group Axis of Justice, whose declared purpose is “to bring together musicians, fans of music, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice together,” Morello has championed causes ranging from immigration reform and ending war to abolishing torture and the death penalty. Inspired by the labor struggles in Wisconsin, his “Union Town” EP aims to invigorate listeners to stand up, get active and fight for the rights of workers, with 100% of proceeds from record sales going directly toward this cause. This interview by Linda A. Rapka. Continue reading