The Truth About Fi-core: Facing Fi-core Coercion (part 2)

Part 2 of an informational series about financial core

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You’ve been hearing some chatter about fi-core. Maybe you’ve felt pressure from a colleague — or perhaps even an employer — to quit your Union and go fi-core. While it is your right to take financial-core status, it is also your right to know the truth and the long-term consequences of this decision.

The Fi-core Coercer says it’s perfectly within your legal right to go fi-core, so what’s the harm?

Financial-core status is indeed perfectly within a worker’s legal rights, but it’s important to remember its roots stem from a lawsuit that was designed to break a union. Communications Workers vs. Harry Beck, an AT&T worker, didn’t end up breaking that union, but it did weaken all unions by allowing members to disavow their allegiance while still reaping the benefits of the wages and working conditions their union and members historically had fought for, and won, on their behalf. It’s now perfectly legal for employers to break up union members among themselves, and break up their unions, without breaking the law. Fi-core is your legal right, but is it right?


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