#WhyUnion? Alex Iles

The AFM represents the single most viable organization representing professional musicians of all genres and backgrounds to be treated fairly and to receive the benefits of collective bargaining.

The alternative is to essentially become pawns, each of us fending for ourselves, with nowhere to turn if we are hurt, treated unfairly on the job, or unpaid for our work.

Musicians all want to go to work, comforted by the thought there is a place with a team of fellow professionals with the resources to represent them to see they are treated professionally and fairly.

We need a place where we can turn to support each other as well as stand up for our profession.

Our past, present and future pay rates, working conditions, health insurance, and pension contributions would have not have existed (and will not exist) without us having a place to come together to make them happen.

The AFM is that place.

– Alex Isles, Trombonist
Member since 1983