#WhyUnion? Joe Soldo

I have been a union man my entire life.

I first joined Local 16 in Newark, New Jersey (my home town).

I then joined Local 802 in New York (I’m still a member).

Later I joined Local 47 here In Los Angeles (I’m still a member).

The guidelines that you receive being a union musician are very important to let you know what agreement you are working under, casuals, sound recordings, live TV and motion pictures. Under all of those agreements there are Health & Welfare and pension payments for work that you have done.

In addition there is a great reuse arrangement that you receive through each year, also for work that you have done.

Union is the only way to go.

I have never done a non-union job.

– Joe Soldo, Saxophonist/Music Contractor
Member since 1975