Apply for a Union Plus Scholarship

Application Deadline: Jan. 31

Today, rising education costs are making it difficult for even many union families to afford the cost of tuition. That’s one reason Union Plus, which provides important consumer benefits to union members and retirees, offers a unique scholarship program that in just over two decades has awarded over $3.5 million in education funding to more than 2,300 union members, spouses and dependent children.

Recipients are selected based on academic ability, social awareness, financial need and appreciation of labor.

“The union movement believes strongly in education, which for generations has helped working people to advance their own careers and improve the lives of their children,” says Leslie Tolf, president of Union Privilege, the organization that provides Union Plus benefits for union families. “These days, however, rising tuitions and expensive student loans are putting higher education out of reach for many working families. That’s why we continue our long commitment to funding college scholarships to help union families achieve their dreams.”

Visit to apply for the scholarship program and to learn about additional Union Plus education resources.